An optimal suspension

After you have signed up with a cryonics storage facility, there is still more planning needed to ensure that you are suspended in good condition. At the end of your life, prompt and efficient Standby, Stabilisation and Transportation procedures can minimise brain damage. Otherwise, the revival that you hope for might be significantly delayed until advancements in technology can overcome any deterioration. Or worse still, there might not be enough of your personality left to be revived.

Engaging CryoPath to plan and execute these pre-suspension procedures can give you confidence in an optimal cryonic suspension when the time comes. Imagine for a moment that your final days have arrived. You will need someone at your bedside who is sufficiently detached and focussed on the work to be done. However, for the loved ones around you, it will be an emotional time. They will only have this last chance to share with you, and to hear from you all the important personal thoughts that can no longer be left till later. The following questions should be considered:

  • Will you be able to communicate clearly to them your cryonic intention? Will they be able to focus on carrying out your wishes? Will they understand what to do? And if so, will they remember it all?
  • Or could they be exhausted after ministering to you? Could they forget the details? Could they be overcome with feelings that compromise their ability to act? Even if they can act, will they have access to the required equipment and supplies?

How we can help

CryoPath can take the load off the shoulders of your family, leaving them free to spend the remaining time peacefully with you, to experience your passing as gently as possible, and to grieve privately without intrusion. With the greatest respect for their grief at this time, we aim to meet your need for an optimal cryonic suspension in the following ways.

We promote your expressed choice. If you have provided us with evidence of your intention to be cryonically suspended, we are able to articulate your wishes in the event of any doubt or lack of understanding amongst your family members, especially if you have become unable to communicate.

We follow best practice in our procedures. Our service providers are trained in the stabilisation and perfusion procedures that have been shown by long-established cryonics organisations overseas to most effectively preserve the human body and brain after death. And they have access to the recommended equipment and supplies.

We commence procedures without delay. The procedures are designed to provide immediate support for the delicate tissues of your brain. This allows you to arrive at the cryonics storage facility in the best possible condition for the preservation of your ‘personhood’, which is the reason why you have chosen a cryonic suspension.

We comply fully with the law. The procedures are only commenced after clinical death has been legally declared. This prevents legal complications that could otherwise severely compromise the quality of your cryonic suspension.

We minimise risks in our process. We have designed our process specifically to mitigate the risks that are specific to our local conditions – in particular, the risks involved with (1) having a small widely-spread population with an infrequent demand for cryonic services, (2) needing access to specialised equipment that is not commonly available and (3) transporting patients over large distances.