The chance

Is there a chance to extend the life of someone who has died? What is the chance? We believe that it depends on how you choose to deal with death.

After current medical technology has done its best and can do no more to keep you alive, the common interment choices of burial and cremation offer no further chance of life extension. But there is an alternative: cryonic suspension. No guarantee of life extension can be given, but there is some chance.

We choose cryonic suspension because we believe that some chance of life extension is better than no chance.

Survival and the extension of lifespan depend on how much knowledge can be applied in the time available before irreversible deterioration of the body and brain occur, and cryonic suspension allows more time. Much more time.

It is like applying a pressure bandage to a serious wound, giving enough time to get to an appropriately equipped hospital. That hospital is in the future, where advances in medical knowledge will surely improve the chances of survival, just as antibiotics, cancer drugs, organ transplants, artificial implants, instrument refinement, diagnostic machines, robotic surgery and other technological advancements have revolutionised medicine in our times and allowed the extension of life for those who otherwise would not have survived.