Contact us

We welcome personal contact with our clients. This will allow us to:

  • Answer any questions you have about CryoPath.
  • Discuss your plans.
  • Collect the personal details we will need to quickly initiate our process when the times comes.

Make an initial payment

$5,000 to $10,000 depending upon services required

Your costs for CryoPath’s services will vary depending on your needs, especially on whether your chosen cryonics provider is overseas, and where you live in Australia. See Guide to Costs.

Your life insurance may cover the cost of all our services after invoicing, but some services will require immediate payment, e.g. airfare, funeral director, perfusionist, chemicals, etc. You might not be capable of arranging immediate payment. And our staff, who are volunteers in a non-profit organisation, do not have the means to fund these expenses personally. Without an initial payment from you, we would be unable to initiate our process.

Your initial payment is a contribution to our Preparedness Fund, which covers the real-time components of CryoPath’s expenses (whilst the remainder is billed later). The conditions of your contribution to this fund are:

  • Your contribution does not in any way imply commitment from either CryoPath or yourself. Rather, the commitments will be determined at the appropriate time prior to your cryonic suspension.
  • Your contribution will be used exclusively for yourself.
  • At any time before the use of CryoPath’s services, you may withdraw your contribution.
  • After the use of CryoPath’s services, any unused balance of your contribution will be returned to your estate or legal representative.
  • If you do not use CryoPath’s services for your cryonic suspension, your contribution will be returned to your estate or legal representative.
  • If you have a false alarm that results in some expenses being incurred by CryoPath, your contribution will be used to fund these and you will need to top it up for your future needs.

Keep your details up-to-date

Whenever there is a change to the personal details you have submitted, please let us know. If desired, you may also email us a brief notification of any major illness that will help us to be prepared for your final days, and evidentiary documentation from your cryonic storage provider:

  • Intention to be cryonically suspended – this clearly shows your intention in the event of any doubt.
  • Religious objection to autopsy – this helps to prevent undesirable interventions, such as autopsy.
  • Next-of-kin agreement – this ensures that your designated next-of-kin is on hand to implement your wishes.