Service providers

When are they engaged?

The process begins when we are notified by your representative, who may be a family member, a friend, or another associate – anyone you choose. This person should be advised well in advance of your intention to be cryonically suspended.

When the time comes, he or she informs us of your terminal condition and your location.

Please note that you should take precautions so that emergency paramedics can initiate contact if necessay. With wearable evidence for your intention to be cryonically preserved, such as the bracelet and/or wallet card provided by your cryonic storage facility, paramedics can immediately see the appropriate contact details. Also recommended is an ICE smartphone app (In Case of Emergency).

Who is engaged?

We liaise with the service providers and coordinate the activities from this point onwards. Our process involves three services: Standby, Perfusion and Transportation. During this process, there are several key people that we rely on.

Local funeral director. Having already been engaged by you or your representative for the regular funeral requirements, this practitioner also liaises with staff at your hospital or hospice, and then provides premises where our perfusionist can complete his work on your body. This role is performed in your last hours and immediately after your death.

Central funeral director. This practitioner is able to liaise with your funeral director, and has much experience in arranging transport for deceased people, both interstate and overseas. So their staff can easily handle the regulations and logistics with minimal disruptions. Centralising this service with one provider creates a reliable body of knowledge and experience in cryonic transportation.

A. O’Hare Funeral Directors
15-19 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040

Medical perfusionist. This practitioner has expert staff in this field. Their extensive experience with living patients in hospitals ideally fits them for a role with CryoPath. They are fully equipped, well-versed in modern technology, and used to attending clients all over Australia. Their dedicated staff are committed to cryonics and can be relied upon for high-quality service in stabilisation and perfusion.

Australian Blood Management
17/1 Short Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

Hawaiian funeral director. Engaged by the central funeral director if your nominated cryonic storage facility is in USA, this practitioner is well aware of the required conditions for cryonic transportation.

Who else helps?

Other personnel may be involved with your services. This will be discussed with you well in advance, and will only occur with your consent.

Volunteers. One or two of our people may assist with the Standby service. These volunteers are trained in the stabilisation procedures and are committed to cryonics.