How it works

When you need us at the end of your life, we offer a smooth process that takes you from death bed to cryonic storage facility with minimal risk. This is how it works:

1. CryoPath

Note. CryoPath can only proceed with its process if the patient’s financial status is fully paid up. 3 days’ notice is desirable, to allow time for the equipment and supplies to reach the patient’s bedside in a remote location.

  • Receives notification of patient’s terminal condition and location from patient’s representative.
  • Contacts nominated cryonic storage facility to advise of patient’s imminent arrival and to check his/her financial status.
  • Engages standby personnel and medical perfusionist.
  • Notifies central funeral director and ensures that equipment, chemicals and supplies are ready for use.
  • Provides specific equipment for use at patient’s bedside, with preferred notice of 3 days to allow for delivery to a remote location.

2. Australian funeral director (s)

Note. If the patient is located in Sydney, these local responsibilities may be undertaken by the central funeral director.

  • Liaises with hospital staff so that delays will be minimised.
  • Obtains death certificate from doctor when patient dies.

3. Medical perfusionist

Note. The perfusion method can be varied according to the patient’s requirements.

  • Attends patient’s bedside during final hours if sufficient notice is given.
  • Commences cooling with ice packs, cardio-pulmonary support and anticoagulant medication, and continues while transporting patient to funeral director’s premises.
  • Stabilises patient above water-ice temperature. (The patient is not frozen yet.)
  • Performs perfusion with cryoprotectant chemicals.
  • Packs patient with dry ice in insulated container.

4. Australian funeral director (s)

Note. Once the patient has been transferred to Sydney, all responsibilities are undertaken by the central funeral director.

  • Arranges transfer to central funeral director by air freight where necessary.
  • If destined locally, sends patient to local cryonic storage facility.
  • If destined for USA, sends patient to Hawaii via air freight.

5. Hawaiian funeral director

Note. For patients destined for USA only.

  • Tracks patient through Customs.
  • Replenishes dry ice in container.
  • Sends patient to cryonic storage facility in USA by air freight.


Our procedures are based on those of long-established cryonics organisations in USA. We will need adjustments for our local situation, but in general, we are guided by their procedures and protocols, which can be read in detail here:

Alcor procedures

Alcor perfusion protocol

Cryonics Institute procedures

Cryonics Institute perfusion protocol

Service providers

Medical perfusionist:
Australian Blood Management
17/1 Short Street
Chatswood NSW 2067