Seek help if necessary

The following organisations offer assistance to Australians contemplating a cryonic suspension:

Cryonics Services Australia
Operating basis: For profit.
Services: Advice on financial options, assistance with contractual processes, long-term trust services.

Cryonics Association of Australasia
Operating basis: Non-profit.
Services: Discussion forum, links within the cryonics community.

Southern Cryonics
Operating basis: Non-profit.
Service: Australian cryonic storage facility.

Further information on cryonics

The following websites are good sources of information about cryonics.

Alcor Life Extension Foundation library

Alcor Life Extension Foundation FAQ

Cryonics Institute

Cryonics Institute FAQ

Cryonics Institute – internet links

Oregon Cryonics


Southern Cryonics

Cryonics Services Australia FAQ

Cryonics Association of Australasia

Ben Best, former president of Cryonics Institute

‘The Engines of Creation’, a book by Eric Drexler, written in 1986 — see the chapter on Cryonics

‘At What Moment are You Dead?’, a 5-minute TED-Ed lesson by Randall Hayes

‘The Three Camps of Brain Preservation’, an introduction to the technologies and options, written by John Smart from the Brain Preservation Foundation