Guide to costs

The fees


The fees cover all included services and supplies for CryoPath’s full process, terminating in delivery to the cryonic storage facility. The cost of these items will vary according to the pricing schedules of individual suppliers and service providers, and according to current schedules at the time of service. Therefore the estimates shown below should be viewed only as a guide.

Note that:

  • ‘International’ costs apply if the patient is to be delivered from Australia to a USA facility.
  • ‘Local’ costs apply if the patient is to be delivered within Australia to the proposed Southern Cryonics facility.


Payment for the component costs will typically be made by the patient’s representatives to the actual service provider(s). Pre-payment must be arranged through one of the following options:

  • Funeral insurance
  • Funeral fund
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Other acceptable to funeral director
  • Through Alcor or Cryonics Institute by special arrangement


Note that these estimates apply for a patient in Sydney. For other capital cities, there will be additional costs.

Perfusion service14,50014,500
Chemicals: perfusion1,5001,500
Chemicals: stabilisation2,0002,000
Funeral director: local3,0003,000
Funeral director: Sydney5,0005,000
Funeral director: Hawaii2,000-
Travel expenses: perfusionist1,0001,000
Patient transport: within Australia1,0001,000
Patient transport: overseas10,000-
Coordination: CryoPath5,0005,000

Cautionary note

Doing it yourself

CryoPath’s operation is carefully designed to minimise risk in the Standby, Perfusion and Transportation activities. This involves the use of professional service providers. However, we understand that you might wish to handle the activities yourself with the aim of lowering costs. Whilst wanting to encourage anyone undertaking a cryonic suspension, we urge you to include the following precautionary measures.

Research best practice. As already emphasised, good Standby, Perfusion and Transportation are critical to the success of your cryonic suspension, and if they are poorly done, they might put your future revival at significant risk. So you will need someone who is knowledgeable and has thoroughly researched the methods of the established cryonic storage facilities and their recommendations regarding pre-suspension activities – for example, vitrification and its incompatibility with prior frozen transportation.

Ensure a smooth process. As well as being focussed and unencumbered by emotion at your bedside, your people will require equipment, supplies, procedural training, an experienced perfusionist with access to specific chemicals, and a way to mitigate the transportation risk. These elements should be integrated in a smooth process that minimises delay. For this reason, your people will also need to know how to deal efficiently with the relevant regulatory authorities and what personal data they require.

Recognise contingency costs. If, when the time comes, it is found that your own people cannot perform the services adequately and you need assistance from CryoPath, we might be able to help but there will be a cost for the equipment, chemicals and other resources that you use. Unfortunately, our volunteers do not have personal funds available to cover these expenses, and so a lump sum payment would be required in advance. This would be in addition to your previous financial outlay, increasing your total costs above those of engaging CryoPath from the beginning.

Recognise contingency risks. When CryoPath is called in at the last minute, there might also be major delays while your representatives try to make arrangements for funding and paperwork, and while they try to coordinate the overlapping activities of the additional organisations involved. These delays could significantly increase the risks to you as the patient. If too much time has passed under adverse conditions, it is even possible that CryoPath might not be able to handle your case at all. Our operation is specifically designed to mitigate such risks, and the compromising of our efforts in this way would be detrimental to our professional reputation.