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Incorporated 14/12/2016


Assistance. To assist people who are on the path to a cryonic suspension.

Optimisation. To optimise the process so that a good quality cryonic suspension is achieved.


CryoPath is a non-profit company assisting people throughout Australia to access cryonics services. Contact us regarding:

Services. For people who have already signed up for a cryonic suspension, we can provide the specialised services in Standby, Stabilisation and Transportation that are necessary when it is not possible to spend one’s final days near the chosen cryonics storage facility. These services are provided on a pre-paid basis and should be arranged with us in advance.

Information. For those who are still considering cryonic suspension as an alternative to cremation or burial, we can provide information, and we can advise on how to proceed. As a start, this website provides informative links to cryonic services both in Australia and overseas.

Mode of work

We offer our process in its entirety to the cryonics patient, taking him or her all the way from death bed to chosen storage facility. Operating the process in this way, as one integrated sequence, allows us to minimise risk in the Standby, Stabilisation and Transportation services that our process covers. The process has been designed in consultation with the major cryonic storage facilities in USA, who are already well established and are very experienced with these services. These storage facilities endorse our process for patient delivery from Australia.

Whilst we encourage anyone undertaking a cryonic suspension in any circumstances, it is our responsibility to treat our patients according to the endorsed process. In cases where the patient has unsuccessfully arranged alternative services and then calls us to intervene at the last minute, it is unlikely that we would be able to properly follow our process. We urge you to avoid the higher risk and greater costs that this would most likely incur, and to discuss your plans with us early so that:

  • We can explain elements of our process that you might not realise are essential for maximising your chances of revival in the future.
  • We can ensure that you are aware of essential services that need to be pre-paid, as our volunteers do not have the personal funds available to cover such expenses at the last minute.

Our team

Peter Tsolakides (Director)

Peter became interested in cryonics after reading Robert Ettinger’s book ‘The Prospect of Immortality’ in the late 1960s, and thought that, by now, cryonics would be widely available — sadly this is not the case. He has degrees in Science (chemistry) and Business Administration.

Peter worked in the marketing organization of a major multi-national oil company for over 30 years, with 24 years of overseas assignments including Thailand, Singapore, Japan and USA, where he held progressively more senior management roles. His main career path has been in strategic planning, project development planning and major project implementation management. Before leaving to progress personal business activities in 2008, he managed a gate-keeping team of high-level executives in USA, which vetted global capital projects totalling $1B and other projects (e.g. divestments) with value of further $1B.

Since then, Peter has owned and managed a private consulting firm. Currently, he is progressing personal projects to make cryonics more accessible and widespread. Two of these are Southern Cryonics and Cryonics Services Australia, which are sister organizations that dovetail seamlessly with CryoPath to provide a full cryonics service in Australia.

George Tsolakides (Director)

George is a mechanical engineer who has held a wide range of positions, including management. He has been a Director in several organisations mainly involved with corporate recruitment. George is now retired and has worked in non-profit organisations using his recruitment background to help less fortunate people find suitable employment. He is also a Founder and Director of our sister cryonics organisation, Southern Cryonics.


Because CryoPath is a non-profit organisation, its operation is coordinated by volunteers.

There are opportunities for more volunteers to join us in our work, particularly in the Standby service.

If you would like to help, please contact us.