About signing up


Choose your cryonic storage facility

We have links with the following facilities:

Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Located: Scottsdale AZ, USA
Established: 1972
Operating basis: Non-profit
Patient statistics

Cryonics Institute
Located: Clinton, Detroit MI, USA
Established: 1976
Operating basis: Non-profit
Patient statistics

Southern Cryonics *
Located: Holbrook NSW, Australia
* This is a proposed facility which is not yet operational

Seek help if necessary

The following organisations offer assistance to people contemplating a cryonic suspension:

Cryonics Services Australia
Operating basis: For profit.
Services: Advice on financial options, assistance with contractual processes, long-term trust services.

Cryonics Association of Australasia
Operating basis: Non-profit.
Services: Discussion forum, links within the cryonics community.

Consider the benefits of signing up early

When you sign up with CryoPath, you get a priority response when you need us at the end of your life, perhaps unexpectedly. Our practices reflect this commitment, as shown below.

We can be ready to send your data to our practitioners. This is important in an emergency situation, where the quality of your cryonic suspension will depend on our ability to act quickly. Without wasting valuable time, we can provide our funeral director with your personal details, your payment method, information required by the Registrar General, and the particular requirements for the treatment and delivery of your deceased body. All this data is needed before they can begin work, and if you have signed up, it is already on file and at hand.

We can have our equipment and supplies ready. Our practitioners are provided with the necessary equipment and supplies by us, but need our authorisation to use them. If you have signed up, your payment is already arranged, and so we can give this authorisation immediately.

We can monitor your health status to avoid surprises (optional). If desired, you may provide us with health updates, which we will keep on file in order to increase our preparedness.

We can store your evidentiary documentation to support your wishes (optional). If desired, you may provide us with electronic copies of evidentiary documentation from your chosen cryonic storage facility. If we need these documents at the end of your life, we can then access them urgently:

  • Intention to be cryonically suspended – this clearly shows your intention in the event of any doubt.
  • Religious objection to autopsy – this helps to prevent undesirable interventions, such as autopsy.
  • Next-of-kin agreement – this ensures that your designated next-of-kin is on hand to implement your wishes.

Contact us

We welcome personal contact with our clients. We can answer any questions you have about CryoPath, and can discuss your plans. We can also point you towards online resources if you are new to cryonics and are still researching.

For such questions, please use the general contact form.


Update your details

Whenever there is a change to the details you have submitted, please let us know. If desired, you may also email us evidentiary documentation from your cryonic storage provider (as described above) and brief notification of any major illness that will help us to be prepared for your final days.

For such updates, please use the general contact form.