A chance for life extension

When your life can no longer be supported by current medical technology and you die, you will have the common interment options of burial and cremation. Or, if you want a chance of life extension, you have the alternative option of pre-arranging a cryonic suspension.

Cryonic suspension is a long-term storage procedure that employs very cold temperatures to preserve a deceased patient. It is undertaken in the hope that revival will be possible in the future with the development of advanced technologies. Cryonics is supported by many leading scientists, who give it a reasonable chance of success.

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The importance of Standby, Perfusion and Transportation

STANDBY. Our representatives stand by without intruding on the grief of your family and friends. When appropriate, your deceased body is stabilised without delay using cooling procedures and cardio-pulmonary support.

PERFUSION. Your body is perfused with cryoprotectant chemicals by an experienced practitioner and undergoes further cooling.

TRANSPORTATION. You are transported to your chosen cryonic storage facility with minimal delay, while the required narrow range of temperature is maintained regardless of the distance to be travelled.

CryoPath offers these three services to prepare you for a cryonic suspension. They are critical in achieving a successful suspension, i.e. one that maximises your chances of revival in the future. If they are not done well, significant brain damage could occur, and the preservation of your personality and memories could be compromised. Your entire suspension might therefore be put at risk.

During Standby, the less time that elapses before stabilisation can be achieved, the less is the potential for damage, and the easier your future repair and revival is likely to be. Similarly, the application of adequate knowledge and efficiency during Perfusion and Transportation greatly increases the chances of revival.

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Their place in CryoPath’s process

In Australia, the biggest problems in optimising a cryonic suspension have always involved remoteness of the patient: both from suitable perfusion expertise and from the cryonic storage facility. This can apply if the facility is overseas, or even if it is local. Large distances have traditionally meant higher risk because of the delay in achieving stabilisation and the difficulty in maintaining it.

At CryoPath, we believe that we have innovative solutions to significantly reduce this risk.

See OUR INNOVATIONS on this page – the USA distance risk for Australians is eliminated with a stop-over in Hawaii